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About us

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Main Organizer

Polish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine
PTTMC is a society uniting therapists and medical doctors practicing and Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) all over the country. It was founded in 2009 in Cracow.
From 2013 PTTMC is a full member of European Traditional Chinese Medicine Associacion (www.etcma.org) – the most important European society uniting European and Israeli societies of Chinese medicine. PTTMC is the only representant of Poland on international forum in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Chinese Medicine Centre,
Krakow biggest TCM Clinic


The Institute of Chinese Medicine and Health Prophylaxis
The oldest and the biggest TCM School in Poland – located in Krakow


Confucius Institute,
Centre of Language and Chinese Culture of Jagiellonian University


Congress staff


Marek Kalmus, PhD
mobile +48 502 090301
e-mail: m.kalmus@medycynachinska.org


Aleksandra Szczerbak
mobile: +48 797 817 515
e-mail: aleksandra.szczerbak@gmail.com

Aleksandra Szczerbak_cr

Konrad Skrzyszewski
mobile: +48 660 990 761
e-mail: k.skrzyszewski@gmail.com


Dariusz Bobowski
mobile: +48 603 241 964
e-mail: darebo2@gmail.com


Małgorzata Wróblewska
mobile: +48 694 182 864
e-mail: gosia.vet@gmail.com


Łukasz Mędrek
mobile: +48 881 207 008
e-mail: luk658@gmail.com


Adrian Bąbel
mobile: +48 730 000 730
e-mail: adrian.babel86@gmail.com

Adrian Bąbel

Robert Straś
mobile: +48 500 365 937
e-mail: robert_stras@tlen.pl

Robert Straś._2jpg

Ewa Czarnecka
mobile: +48 510 968 554
e-mail: ewa_czarnecka@op.pl

Ewa Czarnecka

Scientific Board

Wieslaw S. Nowak, MD PhD
mobile: +48 602 270252
e-mail: mmnowak@cyf-kr.edu.pl

Wiesław S Nowak MD PhD

Magdalena Konior, PhD
mobile: +48 513 475816
e-mail: magda.konior@gmail.com

Magda Konior_photo do CV_NEW_cr2

Bartosz Chmielnicki, MD
mobile: +48 502 730450
e-mail: chmieln@gmail.com



Iwona Pręciuk

Iwona Pręciuk_300x300

Agnieszka Krzemińska PhD


Marta Nizioł-Wojniusz


Dobrochna Szymula

Dobrochna Szymula

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