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The congress will consist of opening Plenary Session (Friday 9:30-12:30) and three parallel symposia (Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon) – to see the programme of all three symposia, use three separate tabs below.

Every morning we invite all the guests of the Congress to participate in medical Qi Gong workshops in Europejski Hotel.

On Saturday evening we invite you to take part in a banquet and dances to the medieval castle in Korzkiew (14th Century).

Before the Congress opening there will be pre-congress lecture on Thursday 12th of October (3:30 – 7:00 pm). It is separate lecture and all those who have purchased tickets for the Congress can receive a 50% discount.

Additionally there will be 4 open public lectures: Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

TCM diagnosis is a fast and effective method of diagnosis. It allows not only to define the problem with its results and symptoms but also to find out the real cause of the disease and even to foresee potential threats releted to the illnesses.

All lectures will take place parallelly in three conference rooms in Hotel Europejski. Lectures will be given in English and translated into Polish, they will last for 3,5 hours with a 30 min. or 20 min. (only on Sunday) break.

Friday afternoon: 3:00-6.30 pm
Rani Ayal (Israel): The Nine Continents – diagnosis and treatment of congenital weakness (Jing deficiency) in patients
Julian Scott (UK): Diagnosing children, with special reference to ADD and ADHD

Saturday afternoon: 2:30-6:00 pm
Li Jie (CN, NL): Liu Jing and Liu Jing diagnosis system in classical TCM – discussions of six divisions or six confirmations diagnosis system in classical TCM texts
Lillian Pearl Bridges (USA): Facial diagnosis – the facial maps

Sunday morning: 9:00-12:30
Lillian Pearl Bridges (USA): Diagnosing serious diseases with facial diagnosis
Barbara Kirschbaum (Germany): Tongue diagnosis

Sunday afternoon: 2:30-5:50 pm
Bartosz Chmielnicki (Poland): Practical workshop of diagnosis (10 participants only) – reservation is closed, no free places !

During this symposium the TCM experts will discuss effective TCM methods of prophylaxis and treatments for the gastrointestinal tract diseases. The main issue of the symposium will concern efficiency of Traditional Chienese Medicine treatment supported by the results from specific cases and scientific randomized trials. Particular attention will be also paid to the economic and scientific data from application of TCM treatment on conventional medicine.

All lectures will take place parallelly in three conference rooms in Hotel Europejski. Lectures  will be given in English and translated into Polish, they  will last for 3,5 h with a 30 min. or 20 min. (only on Sunday) break.

Friday afternoon: 3:00-6.30 pm
Shulan Tang  (China, UK): Root treatment of excess weight

Saturday morning: 9:00-12:30
Roman Szymula (Poland): Combining Western and Chinese Medicine: treating gastritis, colitis and Crohn’s disease
Zhijun Shu (China): TCM-assisted treatment for the patients with acute severe pancreatitis

Saturday afternoon: 2:30-6:00 pm
Rani Ayal (Israel): The extraordinary channels in the treatment of Crohn’s disease

Sunday afternoon: 2:30-5:50 pm
Oxana Nachatia (Russia): The external manifestations of internal reasons. Issues of anti-aging, correction of body contours and obesity in TCM – lecture will be held by Barbara Wypart based on Oxana Nachataia’s materials. Oxana Nachataia unfortunately can’t come to the Congress because of her unexpected and difficult private problems.

All lectures will take place parallelly in three conference rooms in Hotel Europejski. Lectures  will be given in English and translated into Polish, they  will last for 3,5h with a 30 min. or 20 min. (only on Sunday) break.

Saturday morning: 9:00-12:30
Yair Maimon (Israel): The Shen points which are treating the 5 types of depression
Barbara Kirschbaum (Germany): Breast cancer affecting now every 8th women in Germany – accompanying treatment of breast cancer with Chinese medicine

Saturday afternoon: 2:30-6:00 pm
Laurie Ayres (UK): The understanding and treatment of autoimmune diseases from the perspective of the Shang Han Za Bing Lun

Sunday morning: 9:00-12:30
Donald Halfkenny (USA, Germany): The Heart based treatment of the diseases of modern society, a classical acupuncture clinical approach (Workshop)

Sunday afternoon: 2:30-5:50 pm
Tadeusz Błaszczyk (Poland): Lung cancer – integrative treatment with Chinese medicine



Bartosz Chmielnicki: The Secrets of the Organ-Clock – an extra pre-congress lecture on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 – 7:00 pm in Hotel Europejski, Green Room.
– 50 PLN (or 12 EURO) for congress participants who purchased their congress ticket before
– 100 PLN (or 24 EURO) for others
Tickets can be purchased before the lecture in the congress reception in Hotel Europejski or can be paid in the advance by bank transfer on PTTMC account no later than up to October 9th:

Bank Account No:
Polskie Towarzystwo Tradycyjnej Medycyny Chinskiej
Reiffeisen – Polbank S.A.
PL 42 1750 0012 0000 0000 3009 2724
The title of payment: PRE-CONGRESS LECTURE


The aim of the lectures is to promote and encourage to apply Chinese medicine in prophylactic treatment (on the level of beginners). Lectures as well as diagnostics with consultations will be available to the general public.
Lectures (90 minutes long) will be only in Polish.


Welcome for meetings with speakers:

On Friday evening, 6:45-7:30 pm, in Green Room
– meeting with Prof. Shulan Tang (UK, China): Topic of the meeting is the undergraduate, master and doctoral extramural studies (in English, mainly in the form of e-learning) on Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. These studies, conducted by Shulan College of Chinese Medicine in Manchester, end by defense of Master Thesis in China and  by the completion of the official state diploma of completion of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine.

On Saturday afternoon, 12:50-1:35 pm, in Ball Room
– meeting with Dr Yair Maimon (Israel): He will share his recent research on the field of oncology: anticancer herbal formulas LCS101 and LCS102 which are also increasing immune system.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, 12:50-1:20 pm, in Column Room
– series of three workshops “Introduction to Full Heart Meditation”, led by Donald B. Halfkenny (USA, Germany): This practice is derived from the ancient classical tradition of the heavenly-man-earth school and is very useful in the diagnosis and therapy of acupuncture.


During the congress there will be the opportunity to participate in practical workshop of Medical Qi Gong lead by Barbara Czarnecka.

Medical Qi Gong will be organized every day morning (7:30-8:15 AM) in Hotel Europejski (in Ball Room).

Qì Gōng 气功, literally “life energy cultivation”, is a series of energizing exercises, which are part of the treatment methods used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Qì Gōng has been around in China for about 3,000 years. It has been documented that in ancient times, during the cold and rainy seasons, people who suffered from what we now call rheumatoid arthritis were able to fight off joint pain caused by this condition with special dance-like movements or routines. They warmed up the tendons and muscles thus promoting the flow of Qì and blood. Traditional Doctors commenced to observe and refine these movements, and due to their great efficiency they grew very popular among the people.

Many types of Qì Gōng emerged, among them this medical form, which moves the 12 channels of acupuncture in our body. However, all forms of Qì Gōng share the same philosophy, the same 3 key principles we should bare in mind when exercising:
1. consciousness
2. breath
3. accurate movement

Qì Gōng is now very popular worldwide, and thousands of people enjoy these exercises as a way of preventing disease, ensuring longevity and calming the mind.


In the congess break-time it will be possible to purchase acupuncture accessories and massage equipment, buy TCM books etc.

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